Tooth Whitening

In-Office and Home-Based

Tooth whitening has become very popular of late. It is however, a process which needs to be carried out under the care of a dentist, as it can easily be overdone. This can result in sensitivity and an unnatural appearance.

We can offer tooth whitening treatments in two ways. The At-Home process involves the provision of custom-made trays, which are used to place the whitening medium in the mouth for the allotted time period. This allows the patient to do this in the privacy of their own home over a period of time, while under the advice of the dentist. Alternatively, we have a Zoom Whitening Machine, which allows us to perform the treatment at one appointment in the chair. The process is performed in 15 minute stages, the result being checked after each stage by the dentist, until the correct shade level is reached. You can even watch your favourite programme or documentary while undergoing treatment.

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Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme provides eligible children $1000 worth of dental treatment over a two calendar year period.

Please give us a call with your Medicare number so we can help you you find out if your child is eligible.

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