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FAQ about Dental Implants

Does it hurt?

The feedback we consistently receive from our patients is that “there was much less pain than they ever thought”. And that it hurt more to have a tooth removed.

 How Do I Care for My Dental Implant?

Like natural teeth, dental implants need to be flossed and brushed twice daily, consistently. This ensures healthy gums and bone around them. You also have to attend the dentist 6 monthly for routine checks and cleans as required and to avoid harmful habits like using your teeth as tools.

How Long Does It Take?

The actual placement/ insertion of the implant into the jaw bone takes just under an hour.  This procedure is preceded by a pre-treatment visit where we take a 3D xray (CBCT) and optical scans of your teeth to determine the amount of bone you have, the location of important structures like nerves and sinuses, and even fabricate a special stent to help place the implant in an optimum position. At the time of implant insertion, its stability is tested, and checked again three months later before connecting a crown.

How Much Do They Cost?

Their long-term value far exceeds that of other tooth restoration methods, and there is no question that they are a worthwhile investment. The cost of dental implants varies according to individual need and the extent of correction required. If you have dental (extras) health insurance, some of the insurers may cover a portion of the expense. Dr Joseph Tidimane will be happy to provide you with a detailed price quote during your personal consultation. Our reception staff will be able to talk you through the option of an interest free payment plan, which may help make this dental treatment accessible.

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