Dental Implants in Canberra

Are Dental Implants the right Choice for me?

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why are Dental Implants the right option for me

Are you frustrated by loose dentures that hurt your gums and slip when you eat?

Do you have to hide your smile because you are embarrassed by your missing teeth gaps?

Imagine if you could have a solution to your missing teeth that does not hurt your gums. That allows you to eat healthy and gives you the confidence to love, laugh and enjoy the little things in life.

At Campbell Dental Practice, we can help to overcome the challenges imposed by loose dentures or your missing teeth issues. Our careful pre-treatment planning approach, involves the use of an onsite Cone Beam CT and optical scans, to ensure an optimum treatment outcome for you.

The video below helps to explain the dental implant procedure.

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Case Study 1- Missing front Teeth in Canberra

Missing front teeth
Dental Implants in Canberra

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